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Bruce Loren Karey’s background is varied, eclectic, colorful, and well-suited to understanding the needs of his clients and aggressively defending them against any charge or handling any conflict issue criminal or business related.

Mr. Karey has completed in excess of 155 criminal jury trials, of which more than one hundred have been felony jury trials. Mr. Karey has completed 15 violent sex assault/rape trials. He has completed 31 murder/homicide trials, and he has defended three clients in death penalty jury trials.

In 1981, Mr. Karey enrolled at Western State University of Law (WSU), Fullerton, California.

He had previously attended Long Beach City College and California State University at Long Beach. In May 1985 he graduated, with honors, from WSU, earning a Bachelor of Science of Laws Degree, a Juris Doctorate Degree, along with two American Jurisprudence and an Honors Moot Court Awards. Mr. Karey passed the California State Bar Examination in July 1985, and was sworn in as an Attorney on December 10, 1985.

Mr. Karey had begun employment with the Orange County District Attorney’s office as a Certified Law Clerk (permitted to conduct trials) in May 1983. He left the office in February 1987. After his years as a prosecutor Mr. Karey worked for a Sole Practitioner in the Long Beach, California area until January 1989. At that time he joined the office of Alternate Defense Counsel (ADC) of Los Angeles County (the forerunner to the Los Angeles County Alternate Public Defender’s Office). Mr. Karey worked for the ADC exclusively as a full time defesne trial attorney for three years from January 1989 thru December 1991. At that point Mr.  Karey began his private practice which continues to the present. In addition to owning his own firm, Mr. Karey currently serves on the Indigent Criminal Defense Appointment Panel for the County of Los Angeles as a Grade Four level defense trial attorney, qualified to accept all criminal felony case appointments up to, and including, murder cases with a “Life Without Parole” sentence.

Mr. Karey grew up in the Long Beach/Lakewood area. He attended schools in the Long Beach Unified School District. He is a graduate of Lakewood High School. Mr. Karey has two married sons, one a ten year veteran in the U.S. Army, the other a successful professional auto sports photographer. Along with two Daughter-In-Laws, he has five grandchildren. Mr. Karey played high school and Junior College football, and has assistant coached high school football.

He is a graduate of the Long Beach City College Police Academy. In addition to the above, Mr. Karey is an accomplished working musician. He has played guitar for four decades. He has recorded numerous records, CDs and albums. He musically toured the U.S. the past three decades performing music in all regions of the country. Mr. Karey is also a Corporate —Business Attorney/Risk Manager in the Nightclub-Bar-Restaurant industry.for several active, successful nightclub/bar/restaurants in the downtown Long Beach, California entertainment district. 

Mr. Karey’s history of criminal defense includes representation of criminal defendants charged with misdemeanor and felony offenses. The following is a brief sampling of some of Mr. Karey’s successes:

 1990 — Long Beach, People vs William Esquibel Charges:
Felony Battery on a Police Officer & Heroin Possession — Not Guilty Jury Verdict
Jurisdiction: Los Angeles County – Long Beach Courthouse
Verdict after Jury Trial

1993 — Norwalk, People vs Daniel Shea
 Charges: Rape, multiple counts, Client on Parole for two prior rape convictions — Not Guilty Jury Verdict
 Jurisdiction: Los Angeles County – Norwalk Courthouse
 Verdict after Jury Trial

1995 — Los Angeles, People vs Felipe De Los Angeles
Charges: PC 187 Murder – Not Guilty Jury Verdict
Jurisdiction: Los Angeles County – CCB
Verdict after Jury Trial

1996 — Los Angeles, People vs Mark Smith
 Charges: Assault with a Deadly Weapon (ADW) – Not Guilty Jury Verdict
Jurisdiction: Los Angeles County – CCB
 Verdict after Jury Trial

 1997-Compton, People vs Daniel Rivera
 Charges: Murder, With Special Circumstances —Death Penalty
 -Not Guilty Verdict after Jury Trial
 Jurisdiction: Los Angeles County – CCB
 Verdict after Jury Trial

 Summary: Client was originally arrested for ADW on a LASD Deputy. These case involved accusations that three Hispanic inmates plotted, and executed a black inmate on a Sunday morning, in the LA County Men’s Jail shower room just prior to family visits. The other two co-defendants had their own jury. Mr. Rivera’s jury found him not guilty. He testified at trial.
 The other two co-defendants were found guilty. They both received the death penalty.

 1998 — Los Angeles, People vs Rodney Greene
 Charges: PC 187 Murder — Dismissed At Jury Trial
 Jurisdiction: Los Angeles County – CCB
 During Jury Trial

 1999 — Los Angeles, People vs Michelle Conception
 Charges: PC 187 Murder, with Special Circumstances— Dismissed
Jurisdiction: Los Angeles County – CCB
 During Jury Trial – Death Penalty Case

 2000 — Santa Ana, People vs David Gelinus
 Charges: Felony Domestic Violence, with Great Bodily Injury and Priors— Not Guilty Verdict
Jurisdiction: Orange County – Santa Ana Courthouse
 Verdict after Jury Trial

 2003 — Los Angeles, People vs Ajamu Williams
 Charges: Robbery — Not Guilty Jury Verdict
 Jurisdiction: Los Angeles County – CCB
 Verdict after Jury Trial

 2008 – Los Angeles, People vs Timothy Gantt
 Charges: PC 187 Murder with Special Circumstances
 Jurisdiction: Los Angeles County – CCB
 Result: Dismissed

Summary: This case was originally tried in 1994 and resulted in a conviction. The Client wrote his own writ of Habeas Corpus to the 9th Circuit court of appeals. The writ was granted on grounds of prosecutorial misconduct. The case was set to be retried in 2007. After 8 days of trial and 4 witnesses, this special circumstances murder case, tried by LADA Major Crimes Chief, Patrick Dixon, and LADA Prosecutor of the Year (2007) Robert Grace, was dismissed. After withering cross-examination of the Prosecution’s witnesses, the DA felt that they could no longer make their case and dismissed midway through trial. After 15 years of wrongful incarceration, the Defendant, now 64, went home to his children and grandchildren.

 2009 – Los Angeles, People vs Cruz, Samuel
 Charges: PC 664/187 Attempted Murder, Personally Armed, with Great Bodily Injury, Third Strike, with Gang Enhancement – Not Guilty Jury Trial Verdict
Jurisdiction: Los Angeles County – CCB
 Verdict after Jury Trial

 2012 — Los Angeles, People vs Houston, Ray
 Charges: PC 187 Murder, Personally Armed, 2′ Strike, with a Gang Enhancement — Not Guilty Jury Trial Verdict
 Jurisdiction: Los Angeles County – CCB
 Verdict after Jury Trial

 Summary: This case involved accusations that Client was the “shot-caller”/”ringleader” in ordering a murder of a rival whom he met in state prison, and, conspiring to murder police officers. Additionally, the Client was involved in a high speed pursuit with Sheriff Deputies, which ended/culminated in a shootout on a residential street in the south-central Los Angeles area. Client was accused of being a Hoover Criminal gang member, and, that he was personally armed with, and discharged, a “Mac-10” machine gun at sheriff deputies. There were two other co-defendants charged in this case. Upon motion for separate jury by Mr. Karey, on Mr.
 Houston’s behalf, the Court separated the trial. The two other co-defendants were both found guilty of all counts. Mr. Houston was found not guilty by his jury.

 2014 — Long Beach, People vs Johney Smith
 Chargers: PC 187 Murder, Attempt Murder, 2nd Strike, with a Gang Enhancement, Personally Armed, 6 counts of Attempt Murder
 -Dismissed at Jury Tria
 Jurisdiction: Los Angeles County – CCB

 2016 — Long Beach, People vs Victor Zepeda
 Chargers: PC 187 Murder, Attempt Murder, 2nd Strike, with a Gang Enhancement, Personally Armed
 -Not Guilty Jury Trial Verdict
 Jurisdiction: Los Angeles County – CCB
 Verdict after Jury Trial 

This case involved a shooting in an alley in San Pedro, California. The Client was a known gang member (“RSP”). He was with some younger friends of his whom were also RSP gang members. While they were driving him home one evening the driver detoured thru an alley in the area of a rival gang member, “Dodge City Crips”.

The driver, and the other “friends” in the car were actively looking for a specific individual member of the Dodge City Crips. They specifically got out of their car, with the Client, to spray paint over their rival’s graffiti in an alley while they waited to ambush the Dodge City Crip member they were looking for.

Unbeknown to the Client, and his friends, the specific Dodge City Crip they were looking for was at that moment being chased (on foot) by two LAPD Officers. As this person ran into the alley where the Client and his friends were waiting multiple shots rang out.

Initially the LAPD thought the Dodge City Crip they were chasing shot at them.

The Dodge City Crip hid out in a neighbor’s house (he lived right off the alley) for 2 hours. Stray bullets struck and killed a neighbor to the alley.

The Dodge City Crip came out of the alley after two hours. He immediately told the police that when lie ran into the alley “some Hispanic gang members shot at him” The Client and his friend were arrested a few days later.

The Client’s friend took a `plea-bargain’ and was convicted of being an “accessory-after-the-fact” to a felony. The DA offered the Client 45 years to life. Mr. Zepeda was found not guilty by his jury.

Our goal in litigation is to provide our clients with the most effective representation at the lowest possible cost. Our depth of experience allows us to offer our clients legal services in a broad range of litigation areas. Over the years, we have learned that one does not need an army of lawyers to be successful in a case. Rather, one only needs an attorney who is sharp and organized, and one who has a strong “game plan.” While we are constantly seeking ways to achieve successful results for our clients, we are acutely sensitive to doing so in a cost-effective and professional manner.

 In addition to providing top-quality trial representation, our firm is particularly adept at providing individuals and businesses with pre-litigation strategy and advice. Our clients seek, and need, judgement in evaluating cases and preventing the need for litigation as well as litigation abilities. Mr. Karey believes that each client is entitled to a candid assessment of his/her case at the outset, including the relative risks and rewards of litigating. Knowing when and how to settle a case is a skill that is often as valuable as any other litigation talent. Our office practices in all State and Federal Courts in California.

 Mr. Karey’s office has extensive experience in corporate, business, licensing, regulatory, on site security, A.B.C., and general Nightclub/Bar/Restaurant Risk Management liability matters. We can assist with identifying, characterizing, and assessing threats. Assessing the vulnerability of critical business assets to specific threats. Determining the specific risk (i.e. the expected consequences of specific types of attacks on specific assets).

Identifying ways to reduce those risks, and prioritizing risk reduction measures based on a planned strategy.