Theft Offenses

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Throughout your theft crimes case, the Law Office of Ronald M. Hall will keep you well informed. As your Downey criminal defense lawyer, our team prioritizes your understanding of not only your charges, but also of your options. We show you the best defense tactics available to you and include you in the process of deciding how to protect your future.

Trust your case to the capable skill of our Downey theft crimes attorney. We have served clients for more than 35 years with aggressive, intelligent defense. Free consultations can be scheduled by calling (562) 867-7777.

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Our Downey criminal defense attorney works toward your goals. We become your partner in seeking the best possible results for your charges. Clients appreciate our easy accessibility and convenient office hours, with evening and weekend appointments that are meant to work around your schedule. When your future freedoms are at stake, ask our experienced team for help.

We provide legal counsel and representation for all theft crimes charges, including: 

  • Grand theft
  • Petty theft
  • Shoplifting
  • Embezzlement


What Is the Difference Between Grand Theft & Petty Theft?

Major and minor theft crimes are separated by the value of the item stolen and by the manner in which it was stolen. Petty theft crimes include shoplifting of an item worth less than $950 and are generally charged as misdemeanors. Grand theft items are generally worth more, with the exception of farm-related property, crop, and livestock. Teft of these items come with harsher penalities and are therefore often charged as felonies.

We Show You How To Proceed When You Don't Know Where to Turn

With help from our Downey criminal defense attorney, you can expect a lawyer who can use his experience to predict how your case will be charged, and how it will progress. More than 35 years of experience has made Attorney Hall familiar with the local courts, which acts as an advantage for our clients.

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